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Received hexapod parts

Received main parts for building the msr-h01 hexapod today.


The full list of parts is as follows:
From Micromagic systems the following:

  • MSR-H01 Hexapod Robot Kit (BLACK)
  • Battery::     6V 4300 mAh NiMh + Switch Harness
  • Electronics::     None
  • Head Option::     Pan & Tilt + Servos HS-225BB & HS-322HD
  • Miscellaneous:     PP3 9V Battery Box + Black Cable Ties x 100
  • Servo Pack::     Full Metal Gear: 12 x HS-645MG + 6 x HS-225MG
  • ESD200 Bluetooth Serial Module

From NoDna (Not arrived yet):

  • Serielles Kabel DB9
  • Lynxmotion Bot Board II mit Basic Atom Pro
  • Lynxmotion SSC-32 Servo Controller

Still needed:

  • 9V battery (for processors)
  • 6V main battery (for servos)
  • USB to rs232 cable
  • 5V power supply (for testing)
  • 9V power supply (for testing)

The 9V can be low amperage as it only has to power the logic, so a small switched power supply will do. The 5V power supply has to be beefy to power 20 servos at 0.5A max each. I chose to get a standard pc power supply for this, as they are a pretty cheap source for high amp 5 and 12V.