Monthly Archives: November 2010

>3 dimensional visualisation

I’ve always been fascinated with the problem of thinking about more than 3 dimensions. Humans only needed to survive in a 3 dimensional world and are therefore best suited to think about 3 dimensional shapes. Although we don’t really think in 3 dimensions. We don’t have a 3 dimensional volume in our head that we can slice and rotate or manipulate in any way we see fit. It’s more like a association structure. We store things like: this edge is connected to this one with this angle. And due to our need to work with objects: If I push my finger here, this is what it feels like and this is how the object will respond. Continue reading


Recognizing license plates from video

The following is written in c with the use of the very handy opencv library.

So I wanted to identify the license plate numbers of cars that drive by my home. Set up a camera with a telephoto lens connected to a simple self made motion detection program that would capture images when there is enough movement in the video. Let it capture for an hour or so and see what it received (hopefully no privacy issues) : Continue reading